Automatismos Control y Programación, S.L

Automatismos Control y Programación, S.L. was founded in Barcelona in 1958 by Joan Cirerar Tous and Pere Capdevila Garriga, beginning their industrial career manufacturing synchronous motors, which later became the basis for a wide range of cam programmers and precision electromechanical timers.
At the end of the 70s, and still with little market acceptance for electronic equipment, the manufacture of the first digital timers and electronic programmers began. Expanding shortly after the ranges with the families of Impulse Counters, Temperature Regulators, Voltmeters, Control Relays and Security in general.
Being the largest Spanish specialist in the sector, the market constantly suggested and demanded the manufacture of “customized” control boards for any type of industrial application.
From the beginning of the 2000s to the present, our company has as its sole activity the design and manufacture in Spain of industrial electronic equipment and in no case are equipment manufactured by third parties commercialized, of which we could not guarantee either their quality or their durability.
Currently our business volume is divided into three blocks, 10% Engineering, 60% Manufacture of "customized" equipment for manufacturers and installers and the remaining 30% are equipment and relays of standard ranges, which are found in specialized stores. of the sector.
Usual sectors in which we have greater presence and experience: Any type of industrial machinery or not, such as Pakcagin, Public Works with traffic lights and barriers, (tunnel control), Cranes, Agriculture, Textile, Food, Ovens, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Boiler Security Steam, Handling, Dosing, Irrigation, Compressors, etc...