Automatismos Control y Programación, S.L

Automatismos Control y Programación, S.L. was founded in 1959, and began the manufacture of synchronous motors, which are subsequently the basis for manufacturing cam programmers, years later, one of these motors will also be the heart of electromechanical timers.
Already in the 80's, a restructuring of the range of manufactured products began, where electronic equipment acquired a great prominence, not only in our company, but worldwide. The high level of quality and prestige reached with the electromechanical timers, makes it easy for the market to welcome the new electronic timers with great confidence, this encourages the company to expand the range in the middle of the decade, with pulse preset counters, programmers and equipment personalized specials
At the end of the 1980s, the manufacture of electromechanical equipment ceased coinciding with the use of microprocessors in our equipment. At the beginning of the 90s another physical remodeling of the formats of the whole range was carried out, basically using DIN 48x48mm, and modular 22mm and 17.5mm, also expanding with the range of temperature regulators. Currently most of equipment manufactured by Automation Control and Programming, are based on microprocessor. This facilitates the realization of special equipment, without the need for large investments, or large series, only with simple Software modifications and with the advantage of using the same hardware as in the standard series equipment of the high production brand, both in the digital ranges, as in the analog ones.